Hey guys!

My name is Christi Poulson, I am a wife to Stu, a mom to our son, Watson, and a dog mom to our Vizsla, Berkley. My husband and I met at a small school in Indiana and now live in the suburbs of Chicago. Stu has been the one to encourage me to chase my dreams as a wedding photographer and I am so thankful for his persistence.

I love to be behind the camera but I hate being in front of it! I feel uncomfortable, awkward, and the second the camera turns on, suddenly I start to sweat. I have more people tell me how much they hate getting their picture taken and I want to reassure you, I get it! I know the agony it can cause to be in front of a camera so I have taken it on as my job to make you feel as comfortable as possible. My goal is to capture the intimacy of your day and the candid moments are my absolute favorite.

Your wedding is a time where your dearest family and friends come together just to celebrate you and what a joy it is for me to get to document that. I hope to find the moments between parents, the moments between friends, and most importantly the moments between you and your new spouse.

If I am being honest, you will spend the most time with me on your wedding day. Weird I know, but it’s just true. I cherish each wedding the same and recognize that you have invited me into the most intimate time of your life. While I am your wedding photographer, I also plan to help the day run smoothly. I want you to leave and think she was so incredibly helpful both behind the scenes and within her roll. She made the day fun and made the awkward moments laughable. Because let’s be real the whole goal of the day is to have a good time!

Thanks for reading this and please reach out even if it’s just to say hey! I hope to work with you.

Christi Lee